Collections Due Date

Fri, 24 May
from 7:28am to 2:15pm

by Nicole Sciulli
Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago by Lily Klucinec
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Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Reminder: 1 day before
Ends: 02:15pm (duration is about 7 hours)

All collections are due to Mrs. Skwirut’s room by the end of the day with your name on your items. The collections include pop tabs, reading and sunglasses, box tops, old cell phones, and stamps.
Each item collected counts for one minute per single one collected, old phones being an exception.
At the end of the year, certificates with your accumulated hours will be distributed.
***GLA will be taken off of your transcript if you do not have at least EIGHT hours of volunteering.
Feel free to email anyone in GLA, or comment below, if you have questions.


Plum senior high school

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