Fundraising 101


To make out family movie night on April 20th we need to reach out to businesses for monetary, food/drink, and prize donations. This is a project that is required for all GLA members. (forms to give to businesses were sent out on remind or Mrs. Martello has copies) Completing this project is a lot easier than it might seem- a lot of people are happy to give donations and they get to advertise their business in the process! If you are not sure where to go these are some ideas:
- Place where you get your haircut, restaurant where you like to eat
- Do you take classes/lessons somewhere?
- Do you have a family member who has a business and wants to get the word out there?
- Do your parents have any people they have done business with? (Ex: insurance company, real estate agent)
This event is in 2 weeks so if they need more time to get the money to us that is ok. We do not necessarily need it on the day of. Just as long as they fill out the form we can put their advertisement up for the event. If you have any questions/need help with something let me know!

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